Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Creepy Craft

 Last week was my SIL's birthday.  She LOVES Halloween decorations.  (Me, not so much.). I like to decorate with pumpkins because they are nicer...  Anywho, she requested doll heads for her birthday because she wanted to decorate with them in a creepy way.

It was a bummer to dismantle the doll head and hands and feet.

My husband and his tools to the rescue.  I also had a nice candle Christmas decoration that somebody gave to me that was not being used.

And there you have it, a creepy doll head light.  My husband put the square, metal tube inside to make sure that the cool light bulb was centered.  I kept the light on over an hour to make sure the doll head didn't get warm.

But wait, there's more.  I didn't want those little hands and feet to go to waste.  With some inspiration from Pinterest, my husband helped me mount them to a board to make a little leash rack.

Bummer, I just realized that I only took a photo of the layout and not them mounted to the board...  My SIL was super happy.  I'll have to get a photo of the finished project when she decorates for Halloween.  But you get the idea...  My husband made it pretty sturdy by putting tight-fitting dowels inside.  I wouldn't hang a heavy coat on it, but dog leashes and a flannel shirt will hang just fine.  I know she also plans to put her garland of FINGERS on it... Ick.


patty a. said...

Too funny! Did you paint the doll head orange? The leash rack with the hands and feet is hysterical! Good job!

Kathy S. said...

We did not paint it orange. When I turned it on, that was the color it illuminated.