Monday, July 20, 2020

Baby Eggplants!

This isn't the greatest photo, but aren't these baby eggplants adorable???

There are TONS of little eggplants and blossoms growing.  I am going to try to make eggplant bacon.

Because I didn't leave home for over a month, I ordered seeds on eBay.  I got some weird cucumbers growing...  Not sure what to expect with these.  The swimming pool ladder is working out perfectly!

Above are my Wildcat watermelons.  I call them that because they are the seed packet that we got with our groceries that the local school gave out once a week.  We planted them the same day we got them and the vines are really spreading out.  I'm glad I gave them a lot of extra room.

Above you can see the baby birdhouse gourds starting to form.  I used to think these plants were cool and fun.  We could drill a hole in them, and run them through the bleach water process.  Then we sent a bunch of them in the flower boxes and made them look like a bunch of ghosts sitting on the fence...  Then we started to throw them away.  When my husband would plow we would have more and more birdhouse gourds grow the following year.  Then I started to till them under and get rid of the plants and only keep a few.

All of a sudden I found that if I broke one open while it was still moist inside that the chickens LOVED them and would eat the insides.  It's a FREE treat for them.  I planted mounds of them here and there so that I can feed them to the chickens.  

My husband taught Owen how to ride my old 4-wheeler.  Owen did so awesome that we didn't even move our vehicles out of the way.  Great job, Owen!!!


Linda Swanekamp said...

I love eggplant. No one else around here does. I think it is a fantastic vegetable. I love to slice and grill it and make a lasagna with grilled noodles. I do not have room to grow it. I have a 55 x 140' lot, so I grow flowers and buy vegtables at the farmer's market from the pros.

patty a. said...

I am behind in my blog reading. Those eggplants are cute. Will they grow bigger? Your garden is so big that everyday there seems to be something new to discover!