Saturday, December 28, 2019

Last RSC19

Here's the last I have to add to the RSC19 (Rainbow Scrap Challenge, 2019).  This is a fun group that works on certain colors using their scraps each month.  Angela is our hostess with the mostess.  You can find fun and inspiration on Angela's blog, RSC19 -- SoScrappy.

I looked at the list that I started this year for my RSC19 project.  I am making sand castle blocks.  This is a pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  It can be found in her book, String Frenzy.  In January I carefully counted how many of each color Bonnie Hunter made in her quilt in the book.  My strings for the blocks were brown instead of sand.  As you can see, I kept up on the project every month until about October (when I got busy at work.)  I only had nine black blocks and six grey blocks more to go!  That's pretty good considering most of my RSC projects take two years!

I cut out most of my blocks.  Here's a progress picture of the blocks to expect in the future.  I need to cut a few more black sets.  The last time I cut this many in advance, Mr. Sunshine decided he needed to use my computer desk and threw them all on a pile.

I did finish all of the BROWN gingerbread men for this little Edyta Sitar pattern.  These gingerbread men were stitched by hand onto the block.  I basted it with my longarm because it is too cold to use it right now and it skips stitches in the quilting when the longarm head is too cold.  I had plans to hand stitch around them.  Then I realized that it was just a little tough to stitch on the brown because each gingerbread man is backed with interfacing to make turning the raw edge easier.  Quilting on it will have to wait until warmer weather appears and I can use the longarm.

Here's a picture of my two little "friends" that sit outside my sewing window.   They seem to love to look at me, but don't want any of us to pet them.  They are still skiddish.  They do wait patiently by their food bowl each morning.  Every once in a while I do get to pet one or the other.



The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats on getting your Gingerbread Men together, Kathy! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you'll have a Quilty New Year.

Susie H said...

I am still in love with those gingerbread men! Recently I found my gingerbread man cookie cutter while looking for something else. I may just have to make one myself! I take it those kitties are strays? They're beautiful and their picture sure makes me want to pet them. Guess they'd run though! See you in 2020!

Marly said...

I love those gingerbread men! They look good enough to eat!