Saturday, December 28, 2019

In Chicken News...

I'm super happy the chickens decided to all go into one of the coops together.  (They have been going in separate buildings.)  I purchased chicks on 10/6/19.  They are full grown now and all 15 of the flock house together.  (I closed the other building so that they don't have many other choices now.)  Funny chicken fact... each chicken puts off about five BTU's of heat.  Now that they are in this space together, they should be happy and warm when the real Ohio winter weather sets in.  It will be nice to only have to fill one feeder and waterer for the chickens and one for the duck house.  I like it that the ducks stay in their own house.  They get messy with their water in the winter.

That's Wiggles (my rooster) in the center with his flowing neck feathers.  Poor Wiggles lost his long tail feathers to the new kittens this summer.  They should grow back.  He's such a gentle (tame) rooster!  He makes sure everyone is aware of dangers with the different sounds he makes.

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