Thursday, May 30, 2019

Crown of Thorns H2H Quilt Complete

There was so much happening with our son graduating 5th grade this week.  Today was his last day.  I am also done with school for the 2018-2019 school year.  After his graduation breakfast and ceremony I was able to come home and complete my final two H2H quilts for the 2019 quilt drive.  They will be on their way to Jack's Basket in Utah early tomorrow morning!

These blocks are Crown of Thorn blocks that I started one year during the "blue" month of the RSC.  I didn't continue them because after making these blocks and storing them for a while I learned what a "real" 1/4" seam was.  Instead of making more I added plain squares for a design element.  I'm happy to have this little quilt off my to-do list.

I'm linking this post to the linky party at Angela's blog, SoScrappy, here..  The color for June is blue.  I started this project during a blue month a few years ago, and ironically finished it right before a blue month.  I'll still be working on my orange scraps this week as my little "helper" decided he wanted to use my computer and moved all my counted out orange cut scraps onto ONE PILE!  I'll easily sort them again so that I can make some 4-patches, kite blocks, and sand castle blocks...

Shhhh.  Don't tell the quilt police.  LOL


I longarm quilted this little 36" square quilt with an R & S template called Double Bubble.  I had enough red fabric left over for the binding.  I liked the large print that I got at a garage sale last year for the backing.  It is very soft!

I'm linking this 2nd quarter finish to the 2019 FAL here.

My Q2 goal setting list is here.

Check out many of the GORGEOUS 875 quilts made on Sarah's blog, Confessions of a Fabric Addict here.  All five of my charity quilts this year were for Jack's Basket, a charity begun by Carissa Carroll after the birth of her son Jack.  Check out the Jack's Basket website.

You can view my five finishes HERE.

This charity is quite near and dear to my heart because our son just happened to be born with Down Syndrome as well.  When he was born in 2007 the DS part was very much a surprise.  Doctors told us we needed to grieve the loss of the son that we anticipated having so that we could then celebrate the child we had.  Pediatric specialist told us the big list of milestones that our son most likely would not meet.

My husband and I decided then and there that we were going to raise our son as if he did not have a disability.  In my opinion, only God knew what was in store for us.  Later we figured out that our son (as well as all children) was perfectly hand picked by God for our family.  :)  There is never a dull moment at our home.  There are struggles, but the struggles are definitely outweighed with celebrations of accomplishments and joy.


Tammy said...

Each person is a child of God and should be celebrated for their unique qualities. By the way, love the Crown of Thorns block quilt!

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a fun quilting design!