Saturday, May 25, 2019

Croatia Traditional Costume -- A Finish

Our 5th grader had a project for International Day.  It was a fun event.  Each student worked on a specific country learning about clothing, food, culture, animals, weather, places to go, commodities...

He chose to wear a traditional costume for the day.

This is what he wore on Tuesday for his presentation.  It's only half the costume because they made him keep it at school that day.  When I sent him to school on Wednesday, he only wore the bottom half and matched it up with the top half...

Below are the pants with the funky red strips down the side seams.  He also had cool black dress shoes and funky striped socks that had a crest on them.

The photos below were taken by his Aunt Jo.  She is so awesome and present in his life.  Her life story amazes us and inspires us.  If she isn't with him at least one day a week, something big is going on.  She just ROCKS!

This is the parapro in his class.  He will miss her.  She got married this weekend and will not be returning to his school next year.

Here he is at his table.

He did the poster all by himself.  I LOVE his scissor cutting skills!

These are PlayDough animals that we made.

Here's a set-up of the gym and all the countries and parents.  There was tons of food because every kid brought something.

We made a cake/bread recipe.  It was soooooo dry!  Aunt Jo loved it and took the rest home.

This is Nick and Owen.  Ethan is in the bakground.  They were all together in pre-school and then went their separate ways.  Now they are all together again.

I'm linking this 2nd quarter finish to the 2019 FAL here.

My Q2 goal setting list is here.


KMSC said...

You and your son worked hard to make an excellent presentation. I love the costume, playdoh animals and poster.
Great job!

The Joyful Quilter said...

One of my best friends will be traveling to Croatia this summer. Owen did a wonderful job on his project!