Thursday, October 2, 2014

Free Range Chickens!

Today was the first official day that I let my chickens free range during the day.  It was FUN!  There was a little problem at first that they did not want to stop following me.  I don't think that they knew exactly what to do.  I think they really liked getting the soft grass beneath their feet and rooting up some new turf.  The simple life is best.  It was also fun to sit at my sewing machine and look out the window for a little relaxing chicken "tv".  It was kinda my version of watching fish in a doctor's waiting room.

Here they are starting to explore...  They like ripping up the dirt in the line where we put in the electric to the coop on Labor Day weekend.  (It's soooo nice to have electric!)

They are starting to notice that I am walking down the hill back to the house.  I slowly back away...
That's it...  They are clucking at me and starting to run. 

Here they all are running down the hill at me.  Yes, you only see 16 chickens...  Chicken #17 is standing on my foot.  They like to rub up against my legs.  The LOVE attention!

This is how far the coop is away from the house.  A couple of them were on the porch today already.

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