Monday, June 3, 2013

Easy Street Quilt Back Complete

It's a great feeling when I complete a quilt back on a project such as Easy Street.  This means that I can take all the fabrics that I have pulled for that project and put them back into my stash.  (Good timing since I'll need an empty bin -- or three -- to start about THREE QA's on Wednesday this week.  This back took a huge dent out of my stash too.  Yes, it looks huge.  Remember that it's about 6" bigger on all sides for quilting.  It will get trimmed.

I followed through with the colors on the front except for the purples.Just a reminder, here's the front:


Julianne said...

Oh Kathy, its so the border you chose. I need to get a border on mine and get a backing ready also...I like your pieced back!

Quiltingranny said...

Kathy it is awesome and I truly love the colors! Needing stash? I am having a traveling stash giveaway though I understand some cannot afford the hefty postage fee.