Sunday, June 9, 2013

Aiming for Accuracy in Low Volume Fabrics

I often struggle with fabric selection.  Quilts look awesome with beautiful bundles of fabrics packaged by quilt shops.  I'm a cheap scrappy quilter that likes to design on a dime.  Although I will finally be making my Quilt Story Lucky Stars QA in real MODA fabrics (from a garage sale find) (my first MODA quilt), I still need to go scrappy on other quilts. 

I'm still stuck on loving low volume colors since Sophie from the Block Lotto introduced them to me this year.

This week I actually took the time to sort ALL my scraps.  I can't believe that they are all sorted.  When it was all said and done I had a 19 gallon storage tub overflowing with neutrals.  This does not include my shirtings! 

After seeing Pat Sloan's facebook post today, I have decided to again try a low volume quilt, this time with sort of controlled pops of color (the maroons and greens on top of the bin).  So here's my fabric selection...

Here's the pic that Pat Sloan posted that inspired me.

Photo: Have you made a 'low volume' or 'low contrast' quilt? I'm really drawn to those lately! This Hexie is so beautiful and soft.. with that POP of color in the center! I might have to try this as a take along project.. because you know I don't have ENOUGH take along projects!  What about you?


sophie said...

When I read that you were making another low volume quilt, I thought to myself that I've created a low volume monster! But, honestly why NOT. I love the Pat Sloan image you shared and the idea of using pops of color. From a distance, one would see the contrast and up close, all the more subtle differences in your fabrics. I was also reminded of how a two color quilt always seems to look better with just a touch of a third color :-)

I look forward to following your progress on the QAL.

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh yes, I love that low-volume hexie - it will be fun watching you bring it to life in your own scraps :*)

Julianne said...

You go girl! You are going to do a Hexie fun!

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