Tuesday, June 27, 2017

His New Toy

So my husband got this new toy.  It's a pan.  Other names for this piece of equipment are scraper or blade.  It shaves up pieces of earth into the big bucket thing that it pulls.  Then you move the earth (dirt) to where it needs to be dumped.  It can dump the whole load or it can tailgate dump slowly.

What does this mean to me?  Probably that our son will have a new jungle gym item to climb on.  I'll know where my husband will be for hours and hours (working on this thing).  It also means a new quilt template from Circle Lord.  I don't have any in my head right now that I will order... but know that one will be coming.  LOL.

Here's some pictures of what I call the "orange thing":


  1. Interesting... but HOW does that translate to a new Circle Lord template for you??? (As if I don't know!!)

  2. Just to be clear, Joy, he buys something from our budget for him I buy something from our budget for me. Yes, his toys are a little more pricey than mine. Really, he doesn't spend as much on his equipment as it looks. I usually buys something that doesn't run in a place where others can't go. He works for a large crane company and moves large things all the time. He brings it home and usually has it running. His longest "WIP" took three years to get it to run. He's so patient and thorough.

  3. Oh, you have that rule, too? He gets a new toy, you get a new toy? With Paul and me it was his guns and my sewing machines. Luckily, a lot of vintage ones don't cost any more than a good gun. =) That's a great looking machine. After it runs perfectly, what will he do with it? You know two of anything is a collection, right? LOL