Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Triangle QA

I don't think that triangles are my thing.  I'm working on this quilt for the Triangle QA at The Sassy Quilter.  Triangles right now are out of my comfort zone.  Here's my little quilt.  I even have a row that's missing a triangle!  I'll add it tomorrow when I've had more rest.  I just let the fabrics fly where they went at random for a modern look.  I used four different types of fabrics.  Some were cotton, there's a purple corduroy for texture, there's a polyester, and there is a possible vintage sheet in there.  Then there's the classic super cheap gingham.  All these fabrics were in the scrap bin.  Maybe once it's quilted with my swirls it with be more special.  I'll keep chugging along.  The big link up is on Friday, 4/25!  Better get it on the frame tomorrow or Friday!

Now that I look at this picture it really needs trimmed and a border?  Tomorrow is another day.

Update:  Now that I've had some sleep and I look at the quilt, it does not need a border.  I am happy to say that it went on and off my longarm very quickly and I didn't even snap a pic of it on the frame.  It looks much better now that it is trimmed and ready for binding.  Expect a Friday Finish with this quilt AND I'll be happy to enter it into the quilt parade at The Sassy Quilter!

The Sassy Quilter

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