Monday, April 28, 2014

Super Mario Brothers QA -- Mario Block Complete


Finally.  I finished the center block of the Super Mario Brothers QA at Cora's Quilts.  The next block, Yoshi, has already been released.  It was time to finish this one.  My son loves it and wants it done NOW.  He'll have to wait.  This is only a block a month.  Wish me luck.  This is the only block that uses 2.5" squares.  The rest use 1.5" squares.  I haven't done anything that small yet in large quantities.  (Note:  The red ball hanging from the clothesline is where my son practices hitting a ball with his bat.)

Cora's Quilts Super Mario Brothers QA + BOM Club

There's still time to join in the fun!



  1. He's adorable! Every time I sit down at my sewing machine, my little man asks me if I'm working on his Mario blanket. It's so awesome how excited they get!! :)

  2. Show off! I still have about a 1/3 to go! I didnt know that Yoshi was out...oh my goodness, lots to do lots to do!