Sunday, June 20, 2021

I Finally Did Something...

 I'm still plugging along here in Ohio.  I'm pretty much over my Covid issues except for a little cough now and then to clear some phlegm.  I finally cleaned off my mess of the desk that I had that catches all of my sewing stuff and papers and bills and electronic stuff.  It just doesn't look like this anymore.

All projects have been put away into their respective bins.  Colors and die cut shapes have been sorted.  Strips are in the strip bins.  Whew.  It was certainly a pile.

 I had to get a new computer and learn the ropes on that about ten days ago.  I realized yesterday that I just wasn't thrilled with the Dell that I had purchased.  I was able to return it to Best Buy because it was within the 15-day return window.  I decided to step up the game and get an iMac.  Wow!  Does this thing have bells and whistles that are fancy.  LOL!  I have a huge learning curve ahead of me.  BUT it does play super nice with all of our other Apple stuff.  I always said I would get one.  Well, today's the day to stimulate the economy.


Linda Swanekamp said...

I have an iMac and love it. Bought an iPhone and hate it.

Needled Mom said...

I always hate that learning curve…well, not the learning, but the time it requires.