Saturday, January 4, 2020

Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC20) Plans

Listed below are some of my RSC plans for 2020.  I have 69 project on my current WIP list.  This year I hope to have more finishes than starts.  I will be working to complete things on my WIP list that either need more blocks of the color of the month or a project in process that is predominantly the color of the month.

For example, this month the color is green (lights and brights).  I worked a little on making leaf blocks for Pumpkins & the Beanstalk quilt.  It was a fun wintery Christmas / New Years sewing day!  I had time to dig these out and sew a few.

1.  Pumpkins & the Beanstalk

2.  Sand Castles Quilt
(This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.)  All of the block centers are complete.  I finished the black and grey scraps on New Year's Day.  I still need to add the brown string corners to them.  Below are four green Sand Castle blocks.  They will not end up like this in the quilt.  The photo is just to give you an idea of what they look like.

These are the black and grey centers that I finished on New Year's Day (being photo bombed...)

3.  Owl's Well That Ends Well
This is an RSC19 project that I started on 1.26.19.  I need to take inventory of what owls I have and how many more I need.  I believe I only need the black, brown, and grey owls.  We shall see.  I also need to think about sashing plans before this quilt can be assembled into a top.

4.  If there's a "maroon" month, I will work on my maroon sampler quilt.  These blocks have been in my collection for quite a while.  I made them during a Summer Sampler back in 2011.  I have a few more blocks.  I'll have to consider stashing and binding and count the blocks to see how many more I need to make at least a full sized quilt.  I could also probably work on this on a "red" month as well.

5. Go Four It
I started a Go Four It Quilt in June of 2017.  I love to make 4-patches.  I need to assemble 4-patches that I made during months of different colors in the past into blocks.  I believe except for yellow and purple, I have enough 4-patches to finish it.  I love the effect of this quilt.  I love the use of fun neutrals in 2.5" squares and 1.5" squares in the 4-patches.  It looks like this:

6.  Garden Party
I have all of the blocks assembled for the Garden Party (pattern by Bonnie Hunter) quilt that I started one year while red was the color of the month.  All I need to do is assemble all of the blocks into a quilt top.  I also worked on Garden Party blocks using scraps each month.

7.  Simply Summer Sensational Quilt
I started cutting and sewing TWO different quilts called the Simply Summer Sensational Quilt that was a quiltalong in the summer of 2019 with the one and only Kevin the Quilter.  My colors are pinks and greens.  I could work on it during either of the months of the RSC using those scraps.  I have two quilts going in 1.5" squares and 2.5" squares.

8.  Kite Girl
Kite Girl was a quilt I started during the RSC14.  I purchased an solid old-fashioned green for the sashing fabric.  All of the blocks are pieced AND embroidered with kit strings and flower stems.  I did this while participating in the Slow Sunday Stitching group at Kathy's Quilts.  This quilt top needs to be assembled into a top.

9.  Soul Searching
In 2016 I started a quilt top called Soul Searching.  A quilty friend across the country and I made blocks by participating in the RSC but did not post them because it was a surprise to the other.  When quilts tops of 9 huge 24" blocks were assembled into a top we swapped!  I saved the fabric ends of the 2.5" strips that I used to make the blocks for Julianne's quilt top and made plus blocks out of them.  My plan is to use the plus blocks to make a border to put around the quilt top that she made.  Again... it's another RSC quilt not finished.  (Plus blocks are #10 on this list, see below.)

10.  Plus Quilt

I know I have a whole box of these plus blocks.  I will see what is left after making a border for the above Soul Searching quilt to see what I can come up with for a quilt top.  These were also an RSC16 project block.

11.  Fortune Teller 
Another quilt top not finished is my Fortune Teller quilt.  I loved sewing strings for this quilt.  I only need a few more blocks to make it a top!  Maybe green will do.  I may just swing the rules and go with ANY greens in my scrap basket to get two more blocks.  We shall see this month.  Shhh.  Don't tell the quilt police.  Actually... I think I may have already made the green blocks.  I guess the next step is to dig and see if I can find them.  LOL

12.  Picadilly Circle
I think I have this quilt on my to-do list every year.  Will this be the year I remember to make blocks and border pieces in the colors of the month?  Time will tell...  This was an RSC14 project start.

13.  Waffle Blocks
Waffle blocks were a simple leader/ender block that I started for the RSC19.  I think it was in August or so.  It's a quick block.  I just need a few more for a baby quilt.  I could work on this any month...

14.  Folk Art Birds
I think I know where these blocks are...  I started this project during the RSC15.  Here's the green one.  There are pieced blocks that go around the border.  Again, I need to inventory what I have for this project already made and go from there.

15.  Slabs with White Rectangle
I started this quilt during the RSC14.  I hope to inventory what colors I need and make more for a small quilt.  I searched and searched.  I can't even find a picture on my blog to post.  I need to inventory these blocks and do something with them.  I may just make a little table topper for the VCR shelf or something...

16.  Box Kite
I started this quilt during the RSC17 after taking a Bonnie Hunter class.  I loved the class, but this quilt block wasn't my favorite thing.  I really learned a lot from Bonnie.  I need to make more blocks and assemble this into a baby quilt and be done with it so that I can cross it off the list.

I'm linking up on Angela's blog, SoScrappy for the RSC20.

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Linda Swanekamp said...

Love to see all your projects and progress. I wonder how you keep it all straight! Thanks for sharing.

The Joyful Quilter said...

That list should keep you busy throughout 2020!! Best of luck with finding some finishes along the way, Kathy.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I really enjoyed seeing what you have in the works, Kathy! I love the Go Four It design with your bright 4 patches and low volume backgrounds!

Susie H said...

Wow! You've got quite a lot of fun rolled out before you. Here's to a fabulous 2020!

Jo said...

Love it....I sometimes feel guilty about too many works in progress but seeing all your lovely projects is making me change my attitude. The joy is in the process.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Have fun with all your projects in 2020!

Julierose said...

You have so many lovely projects in process--i love that Kite girl so cute hugs, Julierose

Sylvia@Treadlestitches said...

Such scrappy goodness! And all sorts of variety and bright colors! Keep on keeping on this year!

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my goodness... such a wealth of amazing scrappy projects... it's like I died and went to heaven! Can't wait to see what you make this year!

Jenny said...

My goodness, you are certainly spoilt for choice, such a lot of interesting projects there.
This will be my second time doing rainbow scraps, and j think j know what j want to do. But we are in holiday till late in the month so will have to be patient till we return home.

Cathy said...

Oh joy! What a lot of quilty goodness!

patty a. said...

Thanks for posting pictures of some of the projects you have going on. You certainly have a variety of projects to work on and should never get bored! I especially like the Go Four It top you have in progress. My goal is to put a dent in my scrap pile and that would be a perfect quilt to make! I will be making my blocks a bit bigger than yours as I don't have the patience to cut such small squares. I want to make a big dent as quick as I can.