Friday, October 9, 2015

Finally, A Friday Finish

I finally have a Friday finish so that I can link up with Richard & Tawnya Quilts for the Link-A-Friday Finish.  Check out all the finishes on their blog here.

I finally finished working on this Churn Dash quilt for a customer.  I thought it was done before, but it wasn't.  Because I quilted it in the extreme cold (10 degrees F) the machine did not have nice, even stitches.  Yes, the room is heated, but we don't keep that part heated all the time and the machine gets cold causing missed or loose stitches.  All fixed and done. 

It is quilted with a favorite Circle Lord template of mine called Egyptian Eye.

Sorry for the bad shadow, but I wanted to get a pic for today.

It's ready to go back to the customer next week.  Hopefully I will have another one of her quilts done so that they both can go back.  More on that one later (hopefully).  I'm quilting the last row on it, but I'm having tons of thread breakage due to funky thread.

LAFF - Richard and Tanya Quilts


Julianne said...

Beautiful. Eyptian Eye is my favorite!!

Michele said...

It looks great.