Thursday, October 15, 2015

City Sampler at Your Own Pace QA Update

Here's four more blocks for my City Sampler at Your Owen Pace QA.  You can check out Michele's blog, Crayon Box Studios, and this laid back QA here.

Okay, you caught me...  The block in the top right has four of the pieces sewn backwards.  The royal blue squares are supposed to be on the outside corners.  Oh well...  I'm leaving it as is.  I doubt if anybody will notice.  Don't call the quilt police!  Shhhhh.

It's so nice to not have all the pressure of a fast-paced quilt along. 


Gina said...

Great blocks. I might have to jump onto this QAL as my quilt has stalled. I'm on block 60 and have been for the past year

Patricia said...

Love your colors. I have the book and my fabric but have not started. This just may get me going.

sophie said...

They look good. When I was making blocks last year for a griup quilt, I also made a wrong block (screwed up the measurements) but it worked with others in the same group, so we kept it in ... It led me to think that when I make my own set of blocks, for each group, I will make some from the patterns and invent some of my own.

Michele said...

I like, I like and I promise not to call the quilt police on you. :)