Monday, November 17, 2014

SNOW Day!!!

Today was our first measureable snowfall here in Ohio.  No school today due to snow.  Whohoo!  We played on the four-wheeler and made a little path for the chickens.  Luckily I winterized the chicken coop just this Saturday (two days ago).  Whew!  Glad I did that.

Here's my helper.  We gathered some logs and a tire to make a new winter playground.  Yes, he's catching snowflakes on his tongue.  (Behind him is my "scarecrow".)  Believe it or not, this plastic chair with a coat and a pair of jeans tied to it makes an awesome scarecrow.  I drag it to another location once or twice a day.  So far, the hawk(s) have stayed away since I made it.  I also have a scarecrow on a post that I move around as well.

We shoveled a small path.  The girls want to stay in the 40 degree coop (heated by 17 chickens x 5 BTU's each...)

This is Martin.  She was the most curious about the snow.

Here's the new playground.  There is some bread and some spaghetti squash as treats.

Our snow people may look pathetic, but the memory will last a lifetime!  I did go back and straighten the one that was leaning.