Thursday, November 27, 2014

Grand Illusion Fabric Pull (GIMQ)

Grand Illusion
Grand Illusion starts tomorrow.  I'll be calling it GIMQ.  I know many people are excited.  I finally decided that I will be using Bonnie Hunter's suggested colors for the quilt.  Sometimes it's easier that way when I don't have to substitute things in my mind...  Here's what I pulled today:
This may or may not be the yellow constant that I use.  I probably will because I am trying to not have to buy any fabric for this quilt.  SCRAPS all the way!  Below are a couple better pics of the scraps.  I have more of these colors in my yardage bins, but we'll see what the instructions are.  I will most likely pull out my strings bags and go through them for little pieces like 2" squares if needed.
I may just try to go with the bright greens.  I have more greens in my 2.5" strips bin.

I tried to stick to the light blues and aquas.  We'll see.  I have more in my 2.5" strips bin.

I have a lot more pinks than this in my strings bags.

I'm not showing pictures of the blacks and neutrals.  They are just that... blacks and neutrals.

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Teri said...

I haven't decided on colors yet, however, my piles looks similar to yours - scraps! 6 color choices is making it hard for me.