Friday, August 23, 2013

Frame Friday 8.23.13

Since I don't have a Friday finish for you today, I thought I would show you what is on my longarm frame right now.  I am working on a charity quilt for our local quilt guild.  I'm fortunate that our lqg lets me "practice" on the box of quilt tops that they have at our clubhouse.  This one is taking a little longer than others because I am doing a lot of small detailed work.  I am quilting feathered rings on the seven plain large squares and then quilting crosshatching in the center of each feather circle.  It's tedious, but worth it.  I think it's looking pretty good considering it's my first attempt.

For those who are wondering, I am using Sure Lock cone thread that is 100% polyester.  Regular price for the cone thread at JoAnn Fabrics is about $2.19.  When it's $1 per cone I buy a bag of them.  Sometimes they work great; sometimes the thread breaks.  If the thread continues to break I use it for piecing.

I am making these designs using two different templates (quilt pattern boards).  First I use the feather circle that I purchased from R & S Designs..
The template sits on my longarm frame table.  A stylist attaches to the longarm.  I follow the grooves.
After the feathers are done I do diagonal lines using the cross hatch board that I got from Circle Lord (Loracles).   This particular board has graduated lines that are spaced 1/4" apart.  I used every other line.  Circle Lord also sells a "push button" device that will mechanically operate the stylist, but I have long arms and can often times work from the front of the quilt and still be able to reach the stylist to lift it if I does not end up too far under the quilt.  I am also flexible that I can quilt from the back of the machine. 
I made a lot of progress on my quilt yesterday while my little guy spent his first day in kindergarten.  I only have one more crosshatched feather circle to complete.  I didn't want to overkill the quilting on this quilt, so I did 1" spaced straight lines on the other areas of the quilt.
Here's the quilt before I loaded it to the frame (and the pieced back).
...and just because I can and this is my blog, here is a picture of Owen, my kindergartener
Here's Owen, Class of 2027.  No, I didn't let him go to school in this big shirt.  I plan to take his picture every year in it until he graduates.  Go Owen!


  1. I remember clearly the day each of my kids went off to kindergarten. It seems like yesterday, but now my kids are 15 and 17. The time sure does fly by.

  2. Oh those days are so long ago! Heavens..feeling old
    Great work on the quilt Kathy

  3. Wow, those feathers and crosshatching are beautiful! They look like a lot of work too! Owen is so friggin cute in that big shirt, just look at him!