Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today I got some new templates.  This is my first attempt at a feather circle.  I thought this would be the hardest pattern.  Turns out it was the easiest for me.  It has a lot of starts and stops and bumps, but I think it's awesome for my very first try.
The piece I'm working on has numerous doodles.  I'm just changing my thread and quilting different things for practice.

Here's just a feather for a border or something:
And here's a different template.  I this one doesn't look too hot (yet).

Here's a pic just for reference and fun.  I look "thinner" behind something 12' long.



sophie said...

I think we psych ourselves out a little when it comes to quilting feathers. Mine still need a lot of work, but I see that they're achievable ... with practice ;-)

Michele said...

Hey you are doing a ton better than me. Oh yea...I don't have a long arm yet.