Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh Susannah is on the frame

Oh Susannah is on the frame.  I am just quilting waving lines.  This quilt would go fast, but the top thread keeps breaking due to the denim fabric.  It quilts fine over all the cotton and flannels, but when it hits the dark heavy jeans and the light tan heavy jeans it bunches up and breaks.

You can find this quilt along herel
Here's a picture of the whole quilt top:
A funny fact about this quilt is that twice this week and probably twice when I was in the process of making the top (June, 2011) my husband commented how much he liked the colors of this one.
It is made from my husbands work clothes and jeans (and of course some colors from my stash). It has a very masculine touch to it.  I just say, "Thank you."  But in my mind I am thinking, "You should like it... it's some of your clothes."  LOL.  I expecially like some of the character marks and stains in his jeans.  This quilt just reminds me of him so much.  It's my first quilt that actually had a color scheme inspiration (his work clothes).

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Michele said...

You'll figure it out. Have you joined the homequiltingsystems Yahoo group yet? If not you definitely should....lots of good info and advice there. I'm betting someone would know what to do about the thread over the jeans.