Thursday, June 21, 2012

Block Lotto Schoolhouse Blocks

Here's four more schoolhouse blocks for the Block Lotto.  I love these little houses!  I need to figure out how to utilize the Baby GO! and mass produce them.  There's a lot of work in cutting one block and then keeping all those different pieces organized when you do more than one, but it's worth it!

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Yesterday was HOT and in the 90's in humid Ohio.  My son and I decided to make sidewalk chalk paint and have a little fun.  It's easy and cheap.  Mix equal amounts of water and corn starch.  Add food coloring.  Fun, fun, fun!  He was bummed when he spilled it.  But that's when I showed him that it's okay and he walked in it and made footprints.  Then I taught him how to splatter paint.  He loves art so much.  He also loved his green/blue feet and hands (and hair).  It washes easily too.

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