Saturday, May 17, 2014

Scrap Saturday -- RSC14

I only made one Knot Block this week from my green scraps for the RSC14.  Life is getting really busy with the end-of-year school things for my son.  The tutorial for this block can be found on Angela's blog So Scrappy here.

I'm linking up with Angela at SoScrapy: ScrapHappy blog.

Here's my RSC14 progress for this year:
Blue - 15
Pink - 35
Teal - 8
Purple - 5
Green - 4
1 Teal table topper complete

1 scrappy jelly roll race quilt made while sorting the teals in the colors of blues/greens with some orange thrown in is quilted and needs a binding.


  1. You've got pretty fabric in your garlic knot; those circles are so cheerful.

  2. I like this block. I need to find time to make some.

  3. The school year will be done before you know it. Great geen dot fabric.

  4. You have done a great job with the challenge. Hope things slow down when school is out. End of year is always a frenzy of getting things done and functions to attend.

  5. Wow, you've made a lot of blocks this year! The knot block looks great.

    I say I'm ready for the end of the year, but DT has summer training for school volleyball, so we'll stay busier than a typical summer.

  6. Sometimes life does get in the way, but you still managed to get a block made. Do you intend to do a whole quilt with this block? Would love to see how several of these look side by side.

  7. Love the green prints. Hope you will post a pic of your greens/blues/orange/scrappy jelly roll race quilt in your next RSC post. They are fun.

  8. Garlic knot is such a versatile block. I've got a plan to enlarge it and put conversation prints in the two center blocks. Love your interpretation.

  9. Your knot block looks great!

  10. I like too. I'm behind on the RSC. I still need to make my purple blocks as well as the green ones. It is likely that I won't get the chance to do that until after mid June.