Saturday, January 25, 2014

RSC14 Scrap Saturday & FNSI Results

It's another Saturday.  I made two more English Wedding Ring blocks ( or Crown of Thorns).  I plan on making the scrap color of the month in this block.  When the year ends, I will put those blocks together and hopefully make a quilt.  These blocks are 7" blocks.

I experimented and did a large block.  This block is 15" or something like that.
I also finished some of my Baby Name Quilt.  All the letters are done.  Now I need to put a couple flying birds on it.  Sorry I didn't hang it on the line, but it's brrrrrr out there!

Here's a close-up of the applique


I'm linking up on Angela's blog for the Scrap Saturday at SoScrappy  blog.  Check out how everybody else is getting the "blues" for the RSC14 this week click here.


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  1. Nice blue blocks and the name quilt is coming along nicely.