Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finish One, Start Two


This week I am finishing up the stitches on my Giant Starburst QA quilt.  You know what that means... Start TWO quiltalongs!

To improve my freehand longarm skills I will be making blocks with Leah Day in the Building Blocks quilt.  I am pretty sure they are doing a quilt-as-you-go quilt.  I will just be doing the 8" blocks and then trying to quilt them using similar freehand quilting on my longarm.  I love doing freehand, but sometimes I am lost for what to do on the next block.  Here's my first three blocks:

Here's the picture of the quilt plan from Leah's blog:

building blocks quilt
I have had this quilt pinned for a little while and thought it would be a great use of orphan blocks.  I've only looked at pictures of it and didn't realize that it was an actual quilt pattern.  I still think that it would be a great use of orphan blocks.  Lord knows I have plenty of orphan blocks in different sizes that would probably work for this.  I'm gonna try!  But just know that Factotum of Arts blog is having a quilt along with this pattern!  YEAH!!!  Using up more of my stuff just sitting there on the shelf!!!  And look at all those strings and strips!!!  I've got 'em!!!  Come on, I know you have orphan blocks and strings too!

There's a flickr group too!  Check it out here.


I'm not sure if this really counts as starting two QA's... since I already have almost all of the orphan blocks done?  I'll really just be piecing them together.

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