Sunday, January 26, 2014

Block Lotto Dud Quilt

All the blocks from the December, 2013, Block Lotto Dud giveaway have arrived.  All of them are pictured here except for one block from Julie P.  It was an A D O R A B L E red/white school house block.  It was immediately swept up and put in the center of another project.  It's just what that orphan block project needed.  I can't wait to reveal it when I get a little more time to put it together in February (hopefully).  I have two different ideas to put these duds together.  I'm either going to do a quilt similar to the Gypsy Wife QA, if the blocks aren't too big.(see link at sidebar) or I will be doing something with horizontal stripes.  We'll see.  Lord knows I have enough strings to put to good use.

Oh dear...  I think this also means that my WIP count goes up by one.  No sweat...  LOL.

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  1. I think they would be great either way, but, personally, I keep eyeing that Gypsy Wife quilt ...