Monday, March 18, 2019

Hourglass Quilt for H2H

I am using my hourglass blocks to make a 36" square quilt for Jack's Basket.  This will be ONE of a few quilts that I will be donating to the H2H Quilt Drive at Confessions of a Fabric Addict this year.

Oops!  I deleted the picture I wanted to share before this post.  Oh well... You get the idea.

I sewed the little blocks I started a few years back as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) and added a bright border.  It makes an adorable 36" square quilt.  I only had four hourglass blocks left over.  It must have been meant to be for this quilt!  Hopefully I'll get some quilting time at the end of the month for spring break.

This charity is near and dear to me because our 11 year old son just happens to have Down Syndrome (DS).  Jack's Basket is given to children born with DS.  When our child was born some of the people at the hospital told us all the things he would not do.  We were devastated.  Fortunately we have proven many of them wrong!  Examples are that our son would not be able to jump or skip until later in life.  Heck, he met his milestone and could jump by age three.  He could skip by age 5.  Someone told me he would not be able to write his name with a pencil until 4th grade because he would only have the muscle tone developed to hold a pencil but wouldn't be able to press down hard enough on the paper.  We proved that theory wrong in pre-school.

When he was born doctors told us within the first week of his life that we needed to grieve the son that we thought we were having before we could celebrate the son we had.  They gave us a book that told us about several negative and the worst things to expect.  But look at us now!


  1. Much better to start a family out on a positive note. Your quilt will be SEW appreciated!!

  2. Such a beautiful quilt, and so nice to please someone when you donate it.
    It's sad to hear that the negative was told when you got a child with DS. I think you are rich who experience the love that people with DS can give. :-)