Saturday, March 9, 2019

Green Sand Castle Blocks and RSC19

This week I made a few Sand Castle blocks while playing with my green scraps for the RSC19.
Sand Castles is a pattern in Bonnie Hunter's book String Frenzy.

Here's a bunch of 1.5" squares cut from the carnage of the greens after the runs through the Accuquilt dies.  Man I love that thing for shapes and scraps!  Get ready for some 4-patch fun!

While I had the scraps out I also cut the prints in greens for some Box Kite blocks.  Box Kites is another Bonnie Hunter pattern in her book Addicted to Scraps.  That project died a little after I took her class and wanted to finish a few other projects.  BUT it has since come alive through the RSC.  I figured I'd just move that project along one month at a time by making different colored blocks. 

I have a few more Sand Castle blocks ready for sewing.  Tune in next week to see those.

Meanwhile... Mr. Sunshine is letting me sew.  He's using some of the quilts because he has strep throat.  In a weird way, this mama is HAPPY he has strep throat.  Owen has an unusual red/white blood count.  Our pediatrician explained it that he does not get sick much because his white blood cells are "fighting" on a regular basis.  It's not in dangerous proportions,  but we keep an eye on his blood work every year.  One thing they do not fight is strep throat.  Yes, I hate seeing him be sick and uncomfortable.  But I have learned that if I let it brew for a day and then take him to the doctor that he usually tests positive for strep.  Strep can easily be treated!  One or two doses of antibiotics and he's back at being his happy self.

It usually starts off with a lot of puking and dry heaving--I hate that part.  It's usually two nights of no sleep for me because he likes to sleep in the recliners.  Then it's a lot of sleeping during the day.

I can tell it's time to get him to the doctor when he won't talk to me anymore because his throat starts to hurt.  Luckily baby Donald Duck can answer yes or no questions for him.  

Off to the pharmacy to get his meds.  He'll start feeling better by tonight!

 I'm linking up today at Angela's blog, So Scrappy, for the RSC19.



  1. Yummy GREEN scraps!! :o)) Yucky that O is ill!!! :o((

  2. Hi Kathy! I hope you are all past the sickness there at your house! (And that maybe the sun is shining, too!). Your Sand Castle blocks are great - I think you’re adventurous trying them because they seem a bit fiddly for my skill level! Anyway, I also wanted to thank you for the extra green fabric scraps that you sent to me with your Block Lotto blocks (I thought it better to thank you here instead of there). I truly appreciate it. And you will probably recognize one of the fabrics in the Anvil blocks that I post next Saturday! :-)