Saturday, August 18, 2018

RSC18 -- Orange -- EPP

School will be starting on Wednesday, 8/22.  I have decided to start a little project for my sew-to-go bag.  English paper piecing is my newest endeavor.  Today I attempted a few hexagons before cutting a bunch of them out and not liking it.  So far, so good.

I got this Quilting On The Go book by Jessica Alexandrakis at the local library.  It has great pictures on the basics of EPP for me.  There's a little pattern in the book that I like that seems for beginners.  I'm going to make a little table topper for out kitchen table first.  It looks like this:
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  1. EPP is really great for on-the-go, and it looks like you've got a good start!
    Someday I hope to make one of those huge mega-hexie quilts, but for now I'm 'practicing' with a small project, just to make sure I can stick with it. You've definitely got the right idea with that cute table runner!

  2. I'm with Gayle on practicing EPP with a small project - I'm trying that, too. Thanks for mentioning the book! I just reserved it through my library.

  3. Sounds like a great on-the-go project. Enjoy!!

  4. For decades, I hand basted dozens and hundreds of these little things - 3/4" sides were my favorites, though I've done 1" and 1.25" and one embroidery project used 2" sides. A couple of years ago, I saw a French woman glue basting them! I was hesitant, but I tried my glue stick. I didn't like it, but I went back and watched again. She was using a Bohin glue stick, refillable, and pink colored. Could it make a difference, I wondered. I ordered one and it makes a HUGE difference. The Bohin is more like post-it note gluing and the fabric will come up again without stretching out of shape. Now, that's how I do them all when I get on an EPP kick.