Friday, August 17, 2018

Orphan Block Baby Quilt -- A Friday Finish

I'm happy to have a Friday finish this week!  It's been a busy summer packed with water parks, camping, bowling, tennis, and exploring.  Our 11-year old had a blast.

Here's a little quilt I made from orphan blocks that I won at our local quilt guild's 2018 spring tea.  I won one of the raffle baskets.  In it were a bunch of orphan blocks.  These blocks were from one of the sets.  I resized the slightly crooked 12.5" blocks to 11.5".  It turned out really cute.

The quilt is a gift for our speech therapist.  Here's my quilt holder proudly displaying it:

I experimented with my little block template boards from R & S Design.  The set I am usws is called the Mola Set.  The set is five different pattern block boards put together.  There's a gecko, fish, flowers, leaves, bird...  I got the regular set.  You can also buy block boards individually or the opposite view (Mola Set R).  Here is the pic from their site.   Blocks can be rearranged in any order as long as the top is all the same way for a continuous line of quilting.   

I backed the quilt with a piece of fleece that I had in my stash.  It makes for a really soft back.  It's a little stretchy, but after a wash or two it flattens out somehow.

Below you can see the quilting of a gecko.

See the butterfly and flowers?

Next is a fish.

School is back in session next week.  Hopefully I'll have some new  (and old) quilting projects to show and finish.  Praying for a fabulous 2018-2019 school year!
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