Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A School Project

Each year the public school that our son attends has a Valentine box project for third grade.  The student is given a random area business.  Then the student does research on that business and makes a working Valentine box that represents the business.  Our son got was assigned a local automotive business.

Here he is in the garage working with Dad to make the "garage" portion of the box.

I am helping with the presentation (speech) portion of the project.  He must also learn about directions and maps and goods and services.  It is a nice social studies project for that grade.  I'm so thankful that my husband helped with the model part.  Mine wouldn't have looked that neat.  They are not done yet.  Looks like the whole family now has WIPS -- (note the garage...)  But that's an awesome thing!


Needled Mom said...

Great idea!

patty a. said...

Such a good idea combining the holiday with more practical learning. I hope you show the garage when it is done. It is good father/son time too!