Friday, September 4, 2015

A Friday Finish 9.4.15

I finally did something with these cute Tall Fly blocks that I won in the Block Lotto in February, 2013.  I made this table runner for a friend.  I needed something that I could put together quickly.  With the Tall Fly blocks already made, I only needed to add a small piece so that they could be offset.  And away I sewed.  I love the way this turned out.

I back up just a little and you can see all the "chicks" at the quilt show.

I'm linking up at Richard and Tanya Quilts for Link-a-Finish Friday.  Check out what all of the others are doing.  There are some great feature quilts this week.  I especially love the ladder quilt.  Have a great weekend!

I'm also posting a picture of my quilt in the Block Lotto.  I still LOVE the color scheme that Sophie picked out for this block (red, green, and black).  She called them shades of tomato colors.

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