Saturday, February 1, 2014

RSC14 -- Scrap Saturday -- Pink

I don't have that much to show with the pinks for February today.  I think I decided on what I am going to do.  I did get all the little pieces cut (Accuquilt GO! Baby style) for my girl with the kite block.  The block pattern can be found at Q is for Quilter blog.

I also started cutting rectangles to make the Labyrinth quilt.  I found the pattern in AMERICAN PATCHWORK & QUILTING, October 2013.  I made 18 little blocks.  Only 710 more to go...

Now that I look at the picture, a few of them look more like the purple family.  I need to think about those...

As for January, I can't believe that I got this much done this month just playing with scraps.  I am so thankful for the RSC14 to motivate me.  Each month I plan to make which scrap block I need for the Picadilly Circle quilt (the one with the black background).  I will also be making a girl with kite block each month until I have enough (probably 9 or 12 blocks).  But look at all my BLUE January blocks!
I'm not sure if I like that great big crown of thorns block yet.  I was going to make big ones and little ones in the same quilt.  From what I read there should be two more months of different blues. 
I'm linking up with the others today on Angela's blog for the RSC14!
I feel like I got so much done today!  (cutting wise, that is.)
I got all of the following cut today:
1.  RSC14 Girl with kite block
2.  RSC14 Labyrinth pink/white blocks (just a few)
3.  2014 BOM of Quilt Doodle Designs (February block)
4.  It's a Mod-Mod QA at Block Lotto (decided on chevron colors from January)
5.  Classic Meets Modern QAL (February block)
Now I just need to sew, sew, sew!


DeeDee said...

I like the look of your big crown of thrones surrounded by the smaller crown of thrones. Thanks for the idea. You are making some pretty neat blocks, I enjoy seeing your progress.

soscrappy said...

Different sized blocks of the same pattern is such a nice effect. I think it will look great in your finished quilt. So many pretty blue blocks! Looks like you already have a big start on the pink!

Julianne said...

Oh Picadilly I love you I need to make you also?

Cathy said...

Just catching up on RSC posts. Awesome bunch of blue blocks. I thought the girl had balloons! - That's what my girl has!

carla said...

Hi!!!! You got a lot done!!!! Love your girl with balloons!!!! I followed over from Cat Patches!!!! Thanks for the fun visit!!!

Barbara said...

Oh, I like this! Very cute pattern.