Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rock Island Campfires

I've been waiting and waiting for the right project(s) to use my strings.  I have tons of strings -- sorted strings!  They are sorted by color and ready to go.  I just don't want to waste them on the wrong project.  Mind you, that many of these strings have been given to me or it's those little pieces that someone else would throw away.  Here's my first major string project.  It's from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Magazine, July/August 2013.  Here's my sample block:

I made this test block last week.  I'll be cutting all the pieces I need for the rest of it (except for the strings... I'll be winging it with them) while camping.  Ironic that this quilt is called Rock Island Campfires.  I'll have to name mine Mill Run Campfires.  (Mill Run, PA -- Yogi Bear Campground)

I'm actually going with the color suggestions of red, pink, black, green and blue for the strings AND going with the color suggestions for the centers, inner sashing and outer sashing.  AND believe it or not I'm going to try to make it the correct size.  Who is this girl?


  1. The test block looks great. I hope you enjoy creating your version.

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  3. Had to delete my first comment as my ipad kept changing the spelling on my words and I had thought I had corrected them all...

    I really like this block and have decided to order the magazine and make one. I like the colors you used as sashings and I think I will keep the two sashings the same fabric throughout the quilt. Thanks for sharing.