Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Q3 Finish-A-Long Goals

It's time to set my goals for the Q3 Finish-A-Long.  These should be complete finishes.  I'm not going to set too many goals this quarter because I have two planned vacations and a six-year-old starting KINDERGARTEN!  We've still gotta hit the waterparks this summer.  Here are my projects that I hope to still finish this quarter:

String of Pearls QA -- Top is complete; back needs made; needs quilted and a binding.
This was a fun quilt along with Christa Quilts.  Check it out here.

Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin 2013 -- Top is complete; back is made; needs quilted and a binding.  This was a round robin event hosted by Michelle at Quilts From My Crayon Box.

(Sorry I can't show you the whole quilt top.  The big reveal date for the MMMRR13's isn't until 7/24.

I'd also like to finish my Lucky Stars QA quilt from Quilt Story.  Right now I only have the stars and simple blocks done.  I still need to finish the patchwork blocks, put the blocks together, make a back, quilt, and bind it.  Whew.  That's a big order to finish this for this quarter.  But we'll see!   The link up for this QA is 8/7.  I plan to straight line quilt it, so that shouldn't take too long.  It's all the other steps that will be a challenge to finish.  Here are my stars in Civil War Crossings fabric:

That's it for my Q3 FAL goals -- three big quilts.  Make it happen!

she can quilt

Check out what others are going to finish AND link up your goals for the Q3 FAL here.

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