Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin Quilt Revealed!

I finished my Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin quilt this week.  I'm not really in to mini quilts... so I thought.  This is now BY FAR my favorite quilt that I have done!  Thank you, thank you, to Michelle for having this round robin and to all of the talented ladies in my group.  It was always such fun to open an envelope and see how creative everybody was. 

I tried the Susie's Magic Binding method for the first time that I found on Pinterest.  You can try it here.   AND I pieced my fabric for the binding.  It totally rocked.  See:

I also tried some "modern" quilting.  Here's a little chunk of my peace sign above.  OH, did I mention that the big reveal was coming?  Oops...  Sorry.  I wanted to see if Michelle was paying attention.  That' won't happen until 11/19 on Michelle's blog: Quilts from my crayon box.   Guess you'll just have to settle for the sneak peek of the binding and a little of the back for now.  Tee hee.

While you are visiting Michelle's blog, check out her awesome finalist quilt in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  Then you can rush over here to cast your votes in all the categories for your favorites. Again, Tribute to Danny is a finalist in Favorite Group or Bee Quilt.   Hurry, voting ends at midnight on 11/8/12.

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  1. Ok so when I saw the title of this post, I almost choked. Thank goodness you didn't reveal it all this early. I would have had to send Guido after you to straighten you out. LOL.

    Little will post your reveal here on your blog. I'll just have the hop list/linky party hosted on my blog.

    Thanks for the support for the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I'm really anxious and nervous for the winner announcement tomorrow.