Friday, July 6, 2012

Garage Sale Find!

Another great garage sale find here in Ohio!!!  Here's the load of four bags of scraps I got for $15.  Believe it or not, it is ALREADY sorted into big chunks (lots of fat quarters!!!) strings, and "others".  There were at least 20 partial WIPS in there too, burried in the bottom of one of the bags.   I won't do much with these right now, but when school starts, my sewing machine will be humming.  Here's my little helper helping me sort the strings.  He had fun too.

I am so in to string quilts right now.  I now have lots and lots of strings!  This stuff should keep me busy for such a long time.  If you have a favorite string pattern, please please let me know.

Looks like I'll be making some awesome Block Lotto blocks in my future too!
The lady that sold these to me said that her tastes had changed over the last couple years.  Out of all of these fabrics I only had five of them in my stash.  She did a lot of country red, cheddar, blue things and seemed to sell them or make them for other people.  (It seems the other people would buy the fabric and the pattern, she would charge them a fee to make the item and then she got to keep the pattern or pattern book and the scraps.)  She had tons and tons of individual fabrics for sale, but I thought all of these scraps would be plenty for me.  I am soooooo in to scraps!
Except for the two little plastic bags in the bottom right of the photo (two little wall hanging WIPS) I didn't even know the other WIPS were under this big pile.  I was just so excited as I went through it.  I really didn't know what was in the bags at the sale.  I just got lucky -- AGAIN!


The Thompsons said...

Holy cow - that is quite the find!!

Julianne said...

Wow! Talk about bringing home the motherlode! Thats so awesome, how fun! I would love to find all WILL be busy!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

OH yeah, that reminds me of a time I found a yardsale she was clearing out fabrics for 50-cents a yard. I bought 64 yards worth. :D I love other peoples scraps though, it adds so much more to your own scrappy projects.