Sunday, February 19, 2012

May 2011 Block Lotto Quilt Top

Yeah!  It's a quilt top.  Here are the blocks I won (plus just a few that I added) to make this beautiful quilt top.  It was easy to make the border decision from my stash early this morning.  I am so happy with it that I couldn't wait to get the border on it.  I'm in LOVE!  The rough quilt is measuring
82" x 94".  It will probably end up a little smaller than that.  I have been taking Leah Day's advice and not FMQing all the way to the edge.  Hopefully I'll only lose 1" or so all around it.

The outer border is little hearts.  The corner stones are little dots very similar in color to the outer border.  The grey framing border is ironically the grey I needed to purchase this year (one of three fabrics I purchased this year!) for the February Block Lotto because I didn't have enough grey fabric in my stash.  Here's what was left of the fabric I needed for the sashing:
 This is what the fabric looked like.  I bought over four yards of it at a garage sale last summer.  I cut the strip off with all of the elephants and still have that.  I am going to try to slip it in to an interesting pieced back for this quilt.

Now all I need is for my hubby to work out of town for several days so that I can finished quilting it!

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