Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bust Yo Scraps Quilt Finish

Yeah!  Another finish for 2012.  This is my Bust Yo Scraps quilt.  It is a charity quilt for Down Syndrome Support Network (DSSN) in my area.  Tickets will be sold with other basket items on March 17th.  I hope they have a great turnout for their inclusion conference that day.

The quilt measures 41" x 56".  It is the first time I tried a hand-sewn binding.  It took a little over SEVEN hours for this little binding.  (I'm not much for hand sewing!)  But, it does look nice.  My FMQ is improving with practice.  This was a great place to practice stippling.  On the spots where there was too big of a gap with the stippling (like in the solid yellow or orange) I went in and did a little "inner stipple" and it looks great.  You can see the gaps in the photo, but they have been fixed.  There's NO puckering!!!  This is also the first time I tried Leah Day's suggestion to make the border an inch bigger and not to FMQ to the edge.  It worked like a charm.  I'm very happy with this finish!  This back was fun.  It just seems so modern for me!

Scrap Attack Quilt-AlongBust Yo Scraps!



MC said...

It's a great quilt for a great cause! My brother has DS and I would love to do something like this for a support organisation in my area. Your stippling looks good, I had to go back and look at the pictures because I didn't notice the gaps the first time around.

Sue Daurio said...

Great quilt for a great cause. I love a pieced back and yours is awesome!

The Thompsons said...

It's seriously beautiful! What a good use of scraps, and such a fun/cool back as well. (and of course that's a wonderful cause, so it makes the quilt even more beautiful!) :)