Saturday, May 23, 2020

RSC30 -- XL

It's a late Saturday post.  I didn't get much time to play with green scraps this week.  Today I put together this quilt back for my SSSSQ quilt (designed by Kevin the Quilter.) 

I used many green undesirable  available scraps that were in large chunks.

I don't know the process others use to make piece backs, but mine goes like this.  I actually make the bed.  LOL.  Then I put the quilt that I am making the back for on the bed.  (See the pink/green SSSSQ?  Then I start placing big chunks on it row by row.  I pick up the pieces that I want to use and take them to the sewing machine in the other room.  I sew on that strip.  You'd be surprised how many of the scraps I use that actually match up length-wise.  It's a fun process.  I try to not make it stressful.  These are fabrics that are from my green scrap bin.  Most of them wouldn't be enough to make a big quilt.  I picked out some that I wasn't totally fond of (wether the greens clashed or not) and sewed them together and ripped off the piece that was too long here or there and then pieced a small piece to make it the right size here or there.  Finally a quilt back is made.

It's a gorgeous Ohio day here!  It's 75 degrees and sunny.  I got a late start sewing today because I had to be a hunter, gatherer, forager go to Walmart and TSC to pick up our grocery order and get food for the chickens and cats because.  I was soooooo close to hitting the jackpot on Clorox wipes in my Amazon cart today, but while adding things to the cart to get free shipping (I'm too thrifty to be a Amazon Prime member).  The wipes went out of stock while I added two things to my cart.  Someday I'm going to get them!  I just don't get how businesses are supposed to open up if they can't get the products they need to disinfect everything.  I've been using a bleach mixture in a spray bottle, but the wipes are so much easier to throw in the trucks to keep next to our little "toucher".  I'll keep searching...

In other news, TODAY my husband finally found the missing keys to the RV.  We had two sets.  He hid one "just in case" we lost the other set while on vacation.  He hid them so good he forgot where they were...  He lost the other set (I still they they are at work where he has not returned--and probably won't.)  I'm still okay on that decision too!  I was so happy when he sent this picture to my phone.  I knew exactly what it was without an explanation.

Things are starting to open back up here in Ohio.  We are still very cautious.  I am still in that 9% of people that doesn't have a resolution to our very ancient unemployment system.  I do know that I now qualify and that they are working on it.  Woohoo.  There is a light at the end of this big tunnel.

I took our son out and let him pick carry-out food (that I thought was safe) yesterday to celebrate the end of the school year.  He is done with all of his academics.  All of his grades have been posted.  His last day of school is 5/28, but there are no more assignments.  They are just doing fun things online for the rest of the year.  We celebrated him getting ALL A's!!!  He really worked hard for this.  We did it! 

I'm linking up with Angela of SoScrappy for the RSC20.  Check out the linky party and ANGELA's SUPER CUTE PILLOWS here.



  1. BIG scrap usage for the WIN this week, Kathy!!! Congrats to the straight-A kid and to your DH on finding the RV keys. Time for a celebration!

  2. Piecing a quilt back is a bit like putting a puzzle together! Loved your description of it. Congratulations to Owen on making straight A's, and sounds like you guys might take the RV out to celebrate!

  3. Not my favorite job, piecing a back, I do it, cause! Yes, congratulations to Owen on his grades! That is a big accomplishment! Anxious to see your SSSSQ quilt finished!