Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Midweek Makers 6.20.16

I finished putting together these two quilt tops for the guild.  They are charity quilts for Hannah's House 119, a local charity that helps girls after they out age the foster system.

Struggling with this block... the instructions say to make the HST 4.5".  They still don't fit.  One more size up...  This is from the book Welcome Home ~~ Surround Yourself with Country Warmth, by Cheryl Wall.  I guess I need to check the web to see if there are any corrections for this book...

I finished longarming this customer quilt.  Now to trim and bind before 7/30.  Whew.
I made some hourglass blocks -- This was my leader/ender project BEFORE Bonnie Hunter announced it.  Isn't that cool?
I finished this yellow/green orphan block quilt for the guild's charity, Hannah's House 119.

I need to make a star block out of this fabric for our guild challenge and FNSI.

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  1. The first picture quilts are so pretty! Is that a disappearing 9-patch with a border added after cutting?

    1. Each block seemed to be made individually (and not cut like a disappearing 9-patch). I just received a bag with someone's WIP in it. I'm pretty I didn't lay it out like the original pattern. The fun of it is when the originator of the blocks sees them together hopefully she will tell me the mystery of how they were supposed to go together. The goal is to make do with what someone else started and end up with a finished charity quilt.

  2. Busy girl :) Your Hannah House quilts are lovely.

  3. What a lovely eclectic post! If one wanted to know what kind of quilter you are, that shares everything. =) I love it. I particularly liked your house block and your quilting swirls on the Hannah House quilt. It's so lovely to see quilters who use their talents to help others.

  4. Love what you've done with the orphan blocks - the resulting quilts look great! Thanks for linking up at Midweek Makers