Saturday, July 9, 2016

Guild Raffle Quilt on the Frame

This quilt is on my frame.  This will be a raffle quilt for my local quilt guild.  It's a very large quilt.

I was distracted by cleaning up my area to keep my mind free of wandering and being overwhelmed by scraps.  My 9-year old son LOVES to sort scraps by color.  I put all of my tubs on his trampoline and left him sort.

Quilts to longarm (mine and customers).  Guild Projects and Guild Orphan Blocks.  Aaaaahhh.  This is so much better.  Guild items were in clothes baskets.  I need to keep these safe and clean.  I am helping make up "quilt bags".  Each bag contains orphan blocks or a quilt that needs a little work (basically a WIP.)  I take a few bags to each meeting.  Members take a bag as they leave and work on that quilt for the month and then return it to the next meeting.  Eventually a finished quilt happens!

I need a better way to store my batting, but this is it for now.   I'm not interested in mounting them on the wall, because this is our unfinished living room.  Eventually all this quilt stuff will be upstairs.

Fun scraps all neatly sorted by color!

Ugh.  These bins still need sorted.  They are all my neutrals and misc. non quilting fabrics.  I still haven't figured out what to do with all that non quilty stuff.  I used to sew garments, but there aren't many fabrics here that I would want to make something special.  Many of these were thrown away by somebody else.

Here's a pic from across the room.  I'm standing in front of my longarm.  I'm so lucky to have such a large room for this right now.  Please don't ask when the house will be finished.  It's also a WIP.

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