Monday, July 11, 2016

2016 Garden

Here's a picture of my "new" garden this year.  I call it my new garden because I've never planted anything in this field before.  My husband wanted corn... that's a long story... 

You can see my "old" fenced-in garden where my chickens now reside in the very back of the above photo.  I have water and electric in this area!  I'm such a lucky girl. 

I tilled this morning.  I didn't start planting the garden until after June 12th this year.  (We had snow in May!)  Below are pictures of my garden near the house.  (My husband plowed the field and finally fixed my Mantis tiller.)  He hasn't done anything else since.  Guess it's my baby...

We have tons of wildlife that like to feast on the garden goodies:  deer (a mama and her twin fawns live in the woods where it is cool by the creek, wild turkey--the last time I tried to count them the three hens had 23 chicks with them!  SEVEN fox -- don't bother the garden much and seem to keep the raccoon, skunks, and possum away!  Horray for the fox!  Luckily the neighbor two houses down free-ranges his chickens, guinea fowl, and turkey.  That is still providing a full buffet for the fox at our house and they seem to leave my chickens alone for the time being.

This is all the garden I wanted to do this year, but my husband had bigger things planned for me. In my little raised bed right by the house I have zucchini, yellow squash, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, parsley, lemon mint, and CORN.  (My husband wanted me to plant corn before I had the other garden plowed.  I planted SIX stalks of corn as a joke, but they are coming right along.)

You can see the six stalks of corn in this picture.  LOL.  Cucumbers are growing on the edge by the steps.  My tomato cages are parts of a old tv antenna that I cut with the cutting torch.  They make very sturdy tomato cages!  They are just odd heights.

In the top left corner of the above picture you can see the rust colored ocean container.  That is my "barn" for all of my chicken and garden things.  It is next to the garden that is in the first picture of this post.  You can see how it is out in the open for all the wildlife to dine.

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  1. That is quite the garden. Lots of work there, but the rewards will be great.