Sunday, July 24, 2016

Customer's Embroidery Quilt -- Quilting Complete

These blocks were made by one of my customers several years ago.  She would take a block with her to work and work on it during her lunch, or a doctor's appointment, or running the kids...  She is going through her WIPS now and making them finishes!  Hooray for her!  Way to get 'em completed.

I quilted it with Circle Lord Cosmos.  I love this flowing flowery pattern for quilts like this.  It is one of my most time-consuming templates, but pretty non the less.  The customer actually requested an edge-to-edge design to go over the embroidery.
The back was a wide piece of green fabric.  I could have waited for the sun to move on, but I was just so excited to have this quilt done and ready for the customer.  With a nine-year-old around, sometimes white quilts laying around scare me.


  1. Beautiful team effort! Good things come to those who wait! LOL

  2. That is beautiful. It will be a treasure for sure.

  3. It is very pretty and I'm sure she is thrilled.