Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quilt Doodle Designs Sashing

It's waaaaaay early for this part of the quilt, but I wanted to start on some of the sashing so that I could see what colors I need to put where.  Seeing the sashing lets me know that I think I will pull in more oranges and rusts.  Here's what my sashing looks like:

I'm all caught up on the blocks through May too.  But the way the blocks are coming out I can't put the quilt together according to the layout.  Here's the layout:


  1. I do that too! Make some sashing (if the quilt has one) so I can make sure I like it!!!

  2. Looking good!!! I have done that before too. You just can't see how a quilt is really going to turn out until you try the sashing in there!