Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Mail from a Friend!

What a sweet surprise I got in the mail this past week.  My dear friend, Julianne, sent scrappy trip blocks to surprise me for Mother's Day.  Aren't they beautiful!  LOVE the bright oranges. 

Julianne and I love joining quiltalongs and swaps.  Usually one of us finds it, tells the other, and we're both on a roll making blocks.  I'm starting to back away from a lot of the swaps at the moment.  But I still love joining QA's.  It's awesome to have quilty friends to share more than quilty stuff.  We're probably lucky we live on two different sides of the United States.  We'd probably shop for fabric if we lived closer.  I bet my little boy would love to meet her adorable granddaughter though.

This week Julianne told me about Japanese x and + blocks.  I thought I would just grab from the scrap bag and make two and see how it worked.  I LOVE the blocks!  I'm not too thrilled with my luck of the draw blocks.  (They don't look very lucky to me).  I will be making more of these blocks (just in more organized colors.)  You can start making blocks with this

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  1. Ha! Arent those Jap X&O blocks fabulous! I love them too..already have a bunch of pieces cut out!! Glad to see someone else caught the bug! You are very welcome for the Nemo blocks..I just love that one striped fabric and I only had one strip of it so it went to you! You going to do the "Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets QAL??" LOL!