Thursday, May 2, 2013

LQG Round Robin Swap

Here's two blocks (that I still need to trim to 8.5") that I made for the first round of our local quilt guild's swap.  This member (Lynn) had a huge bin of beautiful batiks for us to sort through.  The goal was to make two string blocks using the half square triangle and corner triangle she provided and strings.  It was a lot of fun sorting through the different batiks.  I also learned a new skill because I have never sewn strings to a piece of paper like she had in her instructions.

I know, they would have looked a lot nicer trimmed square for the picture.  I need a new 12.5" ruler.  My ruler has the edges cut off and are no longer a nice, straight 1/4".  I used the ruler at our meeting place since these blocks were for someone else.  I wanted them to be as nice as possible.

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