Tuesday, May 11, 2021

To-Do Tuesday

  I really like making lists.  I like it so much I plan on linking up at ChrisKnits each Tuesday that I can.  The linky party for this week is here.

My Veggie Patch blocks are laying on top of my Ohio quilt.  It's easier to lay it out on the bed right now vs. on the floor.  I need to make all the brown sashing squares and pieces and put them together in rows.  I will probably wait until "purple" month for the RSC21 to make the two eggplant blocks since I have plenty of other projects happening right now.  I really like the bright veggie colors!  If I had to do this quilt again I would have probably picked one brown print vs. scrappy browns for the backgrounds.  BUT I am busting a lot of 2.5" squares this way.  I will probably go with a solid red inner border and then a print brown border.  

I made some progress on the list for last week.  I'm still recovering from Covid pneumonia.   Most of my big symptoms are gone.  I still have an unpleasant cough.  It is lessening though.

Plans for the week of April 27th:

1.  Make a scrappy back for Owl's Well that Ends Well.

2.  Make a back for Scrap Crystals (I found yardage in my stash!) (Bonnie Hunter design.)

3.  Sew together two rows of turkeys for Goggle Gobble that I didn't sew together last week.  (Lori Holt design.)

4.  Load my friend's quilt on the longarm and start quilting it.

Since I only accomplished one thing on my list the past two weeks, it stays the same.  I'm adding:

1.  Make all the sashing for the Veggie Patch quilt (design by Katie Mae).

2.  Sew some rail fence blocks as leader/enders.


Teresa said...

I did not realize you had been sick with Covid and am happy you are recovering. Your veggie quilt is coming along nicely. I think the peas in a pod is my favorite block.

patty a. said...

The veggie blocks are so cute! I am glad to hear your covid symptoms are almost gone. It has to be great to feel good again.

Needled Mom said...

I’m sure that recovery will take awhile. Your veggies are looking so cute.

Rebecca Grace said...

So glad your Covid sickness is passing and you’re feeling more like yourself again. I LOVE your Veggie Patch quilt.

chrisknits said...

Good luck with your project list and Thanks for linking up with To-Do!