Sunday, October 11, 2020

Purple Squares Quilt

I finally finished adding a top and bottom to the backing of this quilt so that I could load it onto my long arm frame. This quilt belongs to a friend. I’m quilting a pattern called “Hearts a Flutter” on it. I think the design will bring out the heart design on the lilac print fabric.

I do not use this board very often because when I got it I only purchased three pieces of the board.  They are 18.75" long.  My thoughts were to save money and leap frog the boards.  This works, but it takes longer.  It did have a very pretty effect on this quilt.  I think it enhanced the simple purple squares.  You can see it on the Urban Elements page here.

Thankful that there have been zero tension issues thus far.  It was a 70 degree day.  The house was in the 60's due to the insulation.  I can still quilt for a while without starting the furnace.  Once the head of the machine gets cold it takes a while to heat it up.  When the head of the machine is cold I have tension issues for some reason.  Quilt season continues.

Below you can see the fabric print.  I just LOVE it when a quilt speaks to me how it wants to be quilted.


Teresa said...

I like the design you chose and it does look great with the fabric.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Perfect quilting design for the quilt, Kathy!!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Great job! I always listen to the quilt for design ideas- this one really sings.