Thursday, April 11, 2019

H2H Charity Quilt for Jack's Basket on the Frame

I loaded this 36" square quilt on the longarm last night. 

These are nine orphan blocks mostly with blue in them that a friend from our quilt guild gave to me.  I am using a country squares-type design for the backing fabric.  I am quilting it with my 7-Treasures of Buddha board from Circle Lord.  You can see more about the template boards here.

This is another one of my H2H contributions this year.  I have been participating in the H2H quilt drive at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for several years now.  I'm hoping to finish about five for the charity called Jack's Basket this year. Jack's Basket is a charity that celebrates the birth of a baby that just happens to have Down Syndrome.  This is a very real part of my life.  I'm happy to give to it.


  1. I am working on them, too. I thought I could use orphan blocks, but it seems like it takes more time to figure out how to adapt than to just make some from scratch.

  2. What a great Orphan Block quilt, Kathy. LOVE that new template board!! It will be one of the first two I buy (after DH gets a new job.)